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New Jersey Corporate Portrait Photography

He has worked as a corporate and editorial photographer in the commercial and healthcaremedical fields. He has worked alongside physicians in hospitals, photographing patients in the operating room, emergency room or patient rooms. When a doctor needs a headshot, environmental portrait or studio portrait for a hospital publication or medical journal, he is at their disposal. Hospital and other healthcare clients can also count on him to provide event photography for special events. (To view his portraits and other photographs, please click on CORPORATE PHOTOGRAPHER PORTFOLIO.)
His corporate and editorial clients have included universities and colleges.
The photography includes all types of university and college subjects - students in the classroom, in their dorm or with their friends at an event. Assignments have included Professors and students working together on special projects, students in working classrooms such as television studios, artist and fashion workshops. He has photographed teachers, professors and students for capabilities brochures, advertisements, studio and environmental portraits. He would also walk the college or university campus looking for opportunities to photograph students or professors in candid moments.
Rich also provides event photography for corporate photography clients. Everything from black tie affairs to all day conferences has given Rich the opportunity to provide his clients with expert photographs for Public Relations PR press releases, headshots, brochures, magazines, internal and external publications. Rich’s clients include elected government officials and their need for studio portraits. He has also worked for the state department of economic development that specializes in assisting state and local businesses. The work has appeared as special advertising supplements in newspapers promoting the businesses and the positive work environment in the state.
While Rich has enjoyed photographing businessmen and women at work, he has also enjoyed photographing the blue-collar worker working on the forklift in warehouses, or on an assembly line. He has photographed workers in warehouse distribution centers and loading docks, putting stock on shelves in large warehouses, on food production lines in factories and close-ups of workers assembling high-tech electronics. The diversity of the editorial and corporate assignments have given Rich a broad experience in tackling the variety of subjects he has photographed.
Rich is also a stock photographer. His photographs are presently with Alamy. They include a large variety of subjects – families, teenagers, women, men, travel locations, lifestyle, medical, healthcare and educational markets. There are both editorial and commercial photographs with the necessary releases. Rich loves to travel and takes advantage when adding to his stock photo collection. Locations have included the American West – the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley, Gettysburg, PA. and Washington DC.
He lives in Northern New Jersey which, with its proximity to New York City, has afforded photographic opportunities of National Monuments – the State of Liberty – the Manhattan Skyline and the New Jersey Shore. Walking the streets of New York City is filled with stock photography subjects of historical, cultural and entertainment landmarks. The New Jersey Shore is ocean waves, swimming, amusement park rides, families, boardwalks, teenagers, and children. It is about everyone having fun on vacation.
Rich has a daily blog where he comments on life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness with photographs from daily life.
Rich looks forward to helping you with your next photographic project. Whether it is photographs for print or website, for brochures, events or press releases or an ad campaign, he is capable of enhancing your project.

So if you need a headshot, environmental portrait or studio portrait, whether it's with a studio backbround or environmental photography (using your office or workspace as the backdrop) give him a call. The same is true if you or your company needs a group portrait of several individuals.

His clients have always enjoyed working with him because of his affability and easy way about him. His sensitivity with the human condition reminds him to treat all clients with respect and professionalism.

Please visit Rich's companion website - Rich Green Photography. Here you will find lifestyle, travel and people photographs along with other personal projects. He is a member of ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers).

And check out his blogs. He has 2. One is a Personal Photography Blog and the other is a Corporate Photography Blog.

He's also on Facebook. Please stop by and leave a comment.

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NJ Corporate Portrait Photographer

Rich Green is a corporate portrait photographer in NJ.

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